Jan Lukačevič

Space Technology Developer

Prague Innovation Institute

Jan Lukačevič works for Prague Innovation Institute, where he’s responsible for the development of the space sector in the capital city of Prague, linking researchers, start-ups, industry stakeholders, and the public sector. As one of the most successfulscience communicators in the Czech Republic, he was one of the Neuron Founders of the Neuron Endowment Fund.Previously, he was involved in the NATO2030 Reflection process as the NATO2030 Young Leader. Also, he was a member of the space section of the Council of the Czech Minister of Defence for Applied Defence Research and Development. Since 2014, he has worked in various academic institutions such as the Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Technical University, and Charles University. He founded the Marsonaut Laboratory, a project to grow plants in Mars-like conditions.For his earlier research under the European Space Agency, he was selected by Google and the Financial Times for theNew Europe 100: a list of 100 people from Central and Eastern Europe with the greatest influence on our future andreceived the British Interplanetary Society Award. Also, he’s a University Lecturer at the Czech Academy of Arts,Architecture and Design in Prague, teaching Physics of Design.