Olga Belogolova

Director of the Emerging Technologies Initiative

Johns Hopkins SAIS

Olga is the Director of the Emerging Technologies Initiative at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). She also professor at the Alperovitch Institute for Cybersecurity Studies at SAIS, where she teaches on disinformation and influence in the digital age. At Facebook/Meta, she led policy for countering influence operations, leading execution and development of policies on coordinated inauthentic behavior, state media capture, and hack-and-leaks within the Trust and Safety team. Prior to that, she led threat intelligence work on Russia and Eastern Europe at Facebook, identifying, tracking, and disrupting coordinated IO campaigns, and in particular, the Internet Research Agency investigations between 2017-2019.Olga previously worked as a journalist and her work has appeared in The Atlantic, National Journal, Inside Defense, Foreign Affairs, Lawfare, and The Globe and Mail. She is a fellow with the Truman National Security Project, serves on the review board for CYBERWARCON, the Trust & Safety Advisory Group of the Institute for Security and Technology, and is on the board of directors for the Digital Democracy Institute of the Americas (DDIA).