Lauren Walsh

Professor and Director of the Gallatin Photojournalism Intensive

New York University

Dr. Lauren Walsh teaches at New York University, where she is the Director of the Gallatin Photojournalism Intensive. She is also the Director of Lost Rolls America, a national archive of photography and memory, and in 2023 was named a Fulbright Specialist in Photography and Ethics. Walsh is a leading expert in the photojournalistic coverage of conflict and crisis as well as peace journalism.Her newest books include “Through the Lens: The Pandemic and Black Lives Matter” (2022) and “Conversations on Conflict Photography” (2019). She has published widely in mainstream and academic spaces on topics ranging from war crimes to censorship to moral injury. In addition to her appearances on CNN, Al Jazeera and BBC, Walsh has appeared as an expert on photography in radio programs, podcasts, and documentary films; and sits on the Board of various photojournalism organizations. She has authored national curricula on media-visual literacy as well as AI literacy; leads workshops and lectures globally; and is a specialist in safety and mental health concerns for journalists. Walsh holds a PhD from Columbia University.