Eveline Debora Nuță

Technology Team Lead

NoA Ignite

Eveline Debora Nuță is an entrepreneur and software engineer, with a strong passion for leveraging technology for educational improvement and societal advancement. She is the founder of Kollabrix, an EdTech startup accelerating the digital transformation by helping educators create engaging learning experiences through collaborative tools and AI. As the founder, she won the first prize of the “Ignite Innovation Space Award” which was part of the incubator program at NoA Ignite Norway, a Nordic Design and Technology Consultancy. Kollabrix was also selected as one of the top 25 innovations at the UNLEASH Global Innovation Lab in Rwanda, competing against more than 370 startups globally that applied to the UNLEASH Plus Incubator. Today, Eveline volunteers as an ambassador for UNLEASH, inspiring youth to pursue and lead projects for the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Her academic background in both Business and Computer Science, with degrees completed after her studies at the University of Vienna, University of Oslo, University of Transylvania, and ECE Paris Graduate School of Engineering, has provided her with a diverse and global perspective.

Professionally, her role as a Technology Team Lead at NoA Ignite includes guiding her colleagues to thrive both professionally and socially within the organization, while also being a valuable technical asset for public and private sector clients, offering consulting services on their digital solutions. In her spare time, she likes to rock climb, snowboard, go hiking and rehearse with her band in Oslo.”

Nationality: Romania
Country of Residence: Norway (Oslo)

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