Dominik Swiecicki

Counsellor, Psychological Defence

Embassy of Sweden in Tallinn

Dominik Swiecicki serves as Counsellor at the Swedish Embassy in Tallinn. Mr Swiecickis main area of responsibility is psychological defence.

Prior to his current position, Mr Swiecicki served as Senior Analyst at the Counter Influence branch of the Operations Department at the Swedish Psychological Defence Agency. Mr Swiecicki mainly specialized in operational countering of influence campaigns, and focused on analyzing how the private communication, entertainment and gaming industry can be used as tools of foreign influence, be affected by it – or be part of building resilience against it in democratic societies. 

Mr. Swiecicki previously served as an intelligence analyst stationed overseas with the Swedish armed forces in Bosnia, Kosovo and Chad. He also has a professional background in business & finance journalism, and has held managerial positions at leading media analysis firms in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Mr. Swiecickis main field of studies were political science, crisis management and international cooperation at the University of Stockholm and at the Swedish Defence University.